Riding the Ruby on Rails Series
Ruby on rails
So anyone that knows me, knows that I enjoy learning new things. So when a new potential client told me his whole website was built on something called Ruby on Rails, I figured I would check into it. Little did I know that would start me on a much larger adventure in my coding world. Up until that point I had mostly just done html and css for websites. I had picked up Javascript many times and quickly put it back down. After some quick reading and a few tutorials on ruby on rails, I felt it could be something I could use all over the place. I then decided to set full steam ahead to a few small apps, but where there are great ideas, there are even more errors. At that point I knew I needed to not only be able to code with ruby on rails, but understand what I am writing into my code. Enter my great mentor. With his extensive knowledge of all things code, we set out on this adventure of mine to be taught. With week by week of teaching I was slowly understanding the power behind this awesome programming language. With each homework hurdle he threw at me, I tackled. Some quick, but some took me a little longer. Then came those words that someone learning something brand new fears “I have a project, and you're going to do it by yourself”. Now to be honest if I ever ran into any problems I just could not overcome myself he would help me. With weeks put into that project I was learning a lot. It felt good to finally build a project and also understand what was going into it. With a that-a-boy, he told me to pick a brand new project I wanted to build, but make it a little easy since I would be taking full credit for it. So I decided to build a blog which if you’re reading this post then you can tell it works. Now anyone with lots of ruby on rails experience knows that blogs are a pretty simple application. However I am very proud of this blog. It took me couple of week to get it all working, and I will say right now it’s not completely done. I think I am going to start working on another project, with a little more difficulty to it. I will be writing about that project as I make steps to get it finished.